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Monday, June 14, 2010

Leatherback Turtles Lays Nest on Klein Bonaire, Nest is Relocated to Protect Eggs

On Monday, June 7th, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) staff found a leatherback nest on Klein Bonaire during routine nest monitoring. Leatherback turtles are seen infrequently around Bonaire, and nesting attempts are a rare occurrence. 

A leatherback, which may have been this nesting female, was sighted on June 5th, while the turtle was swimming near Klein Bonaire. It was also spotted in front of Habitat and Buddy Dive the following day.

Klein Bonaire is not an optimal beach for leatherback nesting. Upon, investigation STCB staff found that the nest was already flooded. Using best known practices to enhance success, the staff relocated the nest of over 100 eggs to a higher and drier site of the beach. Adult female leatherbacks require sandy nesting beaches backed with vegetation and sloped sufficiently so the crawl to dry sand is not too far. The preferred beaches have proximity to deep water and generally rough seas.

The leatherback is the largest, deepest diving, and most migratory and wide-ranging of all sea turtles. The adult leatherback can reach 4 to 8 feet in length and 500 to 2000 pounds in weight. Its shell plates are covered by firm, rubbery skin with seven longitudinal ridges. Jellyfish are the main staple of its diet, but it is also known to feed on sea urchins, squid, crustaceans, tunicates, fish, blue-green algae, and floating seaweed.

The last time a leatherback nesting activity was recorded on Bonaire was in 2008, when a female leatherback intended to lay her nest at Cai. The crawl was checked but eggs were not found by STCB staff. This kind of opportunistic nesting can happen at the end of the leatherback nesting season, when these animals are returning from their nesting homes to their feeding homes and suddenly they feel the urge to lay one last nest. They look for the nearest beach and try their best to lay a nest. (Source:  Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire)

Posted by Susan Davis on June 14, 2010 at 9:31am AST


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bonaire Oceanfront Villa 9 Offers 15% Discount for Stays August through November, 2010

Bonaire Oceanfront Villa 9 is pleased to announce that those making a new reservation for travel August 1st through November 30th will receive a 15% discount off the already low rates the villa offers.  Accommodating up to ten persons, the villa is ideally set up for divers and is located directly on the ocean.

Since the villa can accommodate up to ten persons, the 15% discount makes for an economical stay while still enjoying oceanfront vacationing on Bonaire.  Costs are as low as $49.58 per person per night (plus tourist tax and cleaning fees) for a group a six staying for a week, while a group or family of ten will enjoy a per person per night rate of only $36.55 (plus tourist tax and cleaning fees) for a weekly stay.  Oceanfront living has never been easier or more economical than during such a special.

The property completed major renovations in 2009 and those vacationing at Bonaire Oceanfront Villa 9 will have the use of up to five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a large and fully equipped kitchen, a third-floor roof-top terrace, new furniture in the living area, and a cable TV/DVD player and WIFI access. 

Located at Hamlet #9, Bonaire Oceanfront Villa 9 offers the ease of diving from your own property, as the famous “Cliff” dive site is only 100 feet from the property’s beach.  Two diving facilities are within a short walk of the villa: Dive Friends Bonaire @ Hamlet to the north, and Captain Don’s Habitat to the south.

Those contemplating a Bonaire vacation during this special from August 1st through November 30th can also enjoy Bonaire Dive Into Summer events through September 30th, Celebrate Our Planet Week in August, or the Bonaire International Sailing Regatta in October.

When making a reservation, please reference “August-November Savings” to receive your 15% discount from the normal rates.  All reservations must be booked and deposited no later than October 30, 2010; new reservations are subject to availability.

Bonaire Oceanfront Villa 9 is one of Bonaire’s premier oceanfront properties offering villa-style vacationing.  It offers affordable accommodations for any Bonaire visitor, but especially caters to those coming to the island to dive.  For additional information or to check availability, visit their web site at by clicking here, or e-mail info@bonaireoceanfrontvilla.com. (Source:  Bonaire Oceanfront Villa)

Posted by Susan Davis on June 13, 2010 at 4:37pm AST
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Antillean Wine Company Holds Wine Tasting on Saturday, June 12, 2010

Antillean Wine Company will once again host its monthly wine-tasting event this coming Saturday, June 12, 2010 from 7:00 PM through 9:00 PM.

There will be a hand-picked selection of six wines highlighted at this month’s event, along with snacks and a convivial ambiance.  The wine-tasting will be held at their store located at Kaya Industria #23, and the entry fee is FL 17.50 (about USD $10.00).  All are invited to attend! (Source:  Antillean Wine Company)

Posted by Susan Davis on June 10, 2010 at 1:26pm AST
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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dive Friends Bonaire Announces Special Coral Spawning Diving Activities and Weekly Packages

September and October are the months when coral spawning is expected each year on Bonaire. Coral spawning, or the cultivation of the corals, is something unique and a “must-see” for every diver. 

This spectacular event takes place on Bonaire when several coral species (but also other organisms) release secretions into the water column at the same time under the influence of environmental circumstances such as water temperature and a very special position of the moon.

Any diver has to be very lucky to witness this event, but there is a schedule with forecasted dates for this year’s coral spawning event (click here to view in PDF format).

Special dive packages are available for the 2010 coral spawning season with a variety of popular properties with prices and amenities to suit every budget:

• Bonaire Seaside Apartments offers packages for one and two bedroom apartments as well as three bedroom villas. Seven night packages between August 28 - October 1, 2010 begin at $565.00 per person, October 2 – December 17, 2010 begin at $628.00 per person. Both packages are based on quad occupancy in a two bedroom, two bathroom ocean view apartment including a double-cabin pickup truck, 6 days of unlimited tanks for shore diving, special guided coral spawning night dive, and all hotel and dive taxes.

• Coco Palm Garden offers a package which is $544,00 per person, double occupancy in a studio unit. This package includes 7 night’s accommodation, a rental vehicle, 6 days unlimited shore diving, a special guided coral spawning night dive, and all taxes. Please note that air-conditioning, if desired, is $12.50 per room per night additional. 

• Happy Holiday Homes offers a special package of $524.00 per person, based on double occupancy; $473.00 per person, based on quad occupancy. Package includes 7 night’s accommodations, 7 days double-cabin pickup truck, 6 days unlimited shore diving, 1 special guided coral spawning night dive, all taxes and fees. Group reservations can be arranged as well.

• Tropicana Apartments offers several packages. All packages include 7 night’s accommodations, double-cabin pickup truck, 6 days unlimited shore diving, special guided coral spawning night dive, and all taxes. Price is $484.00 per person based on quad occupancy in a two-bedroom unit, $599.00 per person double occupancy in a studio unit, or $634.00 per person double occupancy in a one-bedroom unit.

• Yachtclub Apartments is offering their coral spawning package of $659.50 per person, based on double occupancy, and the package includes 7 night’s studio accommodations, rental car, 6 days unlimited shore diving, 1 special guided coral spawning night dive, and all taxes. A group of ten persons can also be accommodated in the Yachtclub’s penthouse suite. The cost, minimum 10 persons, is $509.20 per person and includes 7 nights accommodations in the penthouse, 2 rental cars for the week, 6 days unlimited shore diving, 1 special guided coral spawning night dive, and all taxes.

For more information or to book one of these coral spawning packages, contact Dive Friends Bonaire or visit their web site at www.dive-friends-bonaire.com.

Those staying at other properties on Bonaire are welcome to join Dive Friends Bonaire for the coral spawning dives.  For any dates when coral spawning is predicted, Dive Friends Bonaire is organizing special night dives for their guests to see the phenomenon. This night dive is $49.00 per person (excluding equipment and air), plus 5% sales tax, with a minimum of four persons. Advance reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment.  For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Dive Friends.  Please note that LED night lights will be available to rent, for $12.00 per light, plus 5% sales tax. (Source:  Dive Friends Bonaire)

Posted by Susan Davis on June 09, 2010 at 4:31pm AST
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

June Cycling Events Offer Challenges and the Opportunity to Help a Good Cause

Bonaire Wellness Connexions will hold two cycling events in June, the first being their National Park Mountain Park Ride, and the second being a fund-raising event for the Bonaire Cancer Foundation, the “Ride for Roses.”

The National Park Maintain Bike Ride will take place on Sunday, June 20 from 8:00 AM through 11:00 AM, and it is for riders of all levels of experience to enjoy Bonaire beautiful Washington Slagbaai National Park. There will be three three different routes and levels, so that anyone, regardless of experience or level of fitness, can enjoy the event. 

Please register in advance at Bonaire Wellness Connexions (open from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM through 5:00 PM).  Participation costs FL 25.00 per person (about USD $14.04) and includes a sandwich, drink, and fruit.

On Sunday, June 27, the Ride For Roses is a fund-raising event for the Bonaire Cancer Foundation.  All are invited to come and ride for a good cause. This bicycle tour is for cyclists of all levels of experience including kids, parents, and the whole family. The total ride will take about two hours of riding on paved roads in the surroundings of Kralendijk.  This ride begins at 7:00 AM, and those interested in participating should meet at Bonaire Wellness Connexions location (parking lot of Les Galleries shopping mall).  Entry fee is FL 20.00 per adult (about USD $11.25) or FL 10.00 per child (about USD $5.60), and includes an event t-shirt, fruit, and drinks.  (Source:  Bonaire Wellness Connexions)

Posted by Susan Davis on June 08, 2010 at 2:29pm AST
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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tiara Air Announces New Flight Schedule Aruba-Bonaire with Favorable Connections and More Flights

Tiara Air has recently announced an amended flight schedule for travel between Aruba and Bonaire, effective July 12, 2010. 

Beginning at that time, Tiara Air will offer additional weekly rotations with non-stop service between Aruba and Bonaire.  The flight schedule will be as follows:

Aruba to Bonaire:
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9:10 AM departure from Aruba, 10:00 AM arrival on Bonaire and also a 6:20 PM departure from Aruba, 7:10 arrival on Bonaire.

On Sundays, 7:10 PM departure from Aruba, 8:05 PM arrival on Bonaire.

Bonaire to Aruba:
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 10:20 AM departure from Bonaire, 11:10 AM arrival on Aruba and also a 7:30 PM departure from Bonaire, 8:20 PM arrival on Aruba.

On Sundays, 8:25 PM departure from Bonaire, 9:20 PM arrival on Aruba.

This new schedule will provide additional flights, while providing earlier morning flights which make connections in Aruba to the USA or Venezuela easier.  These flights, coupled with the new evening flights, will also allow day trips to Aruba for those visiting Bonaire or a day trip to Bonaire for those visiting Aruba.  The new flight schedule is expected to be loaded in the Tiara Air system by the middle of next week.  (Source:  TCB-Bonaire)

Note update July 31, 2010: There is a schedule change effective August 2, 2010 which affects Flights 305 and 306; at that time, Tiara Air flight #305 will depart Aruba at 7:00 PM, arriving in Bonaire at 7:55 PM and Tiara Air flight #306 will depart Bonaire at 8:15 PM, arriving in Aruba at 9:10 PM.

Also, two new rotations are planned Aruba-Bonaire-Aruba for Saturdays beginning September 12, 2010.  These new flights will follow the same schedule as flights 303/304 and 305/306 utilize. (Source:  TCB-NY)

Posted by Susan Davis on June 03, 2010 at 11:41am AST
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ramon de Leon, Manager of the Bonaire National Marine Park, to Speak at Next CIEE Presentation

CIEE Bonaire’s next public lecture will be held on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 7:00 PM, when Ramon de Leon, the manager of the Bonaire National Marine Park, will speak.

Ramon’s presentation is entitled, “Divers’ Behavioral Study--Who Dives in Bonaire and What Do They Do?” The lecture will be held at the CIEE Research Station, located at Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot #26 in Kralendijk.  All are invited and admission is free.  (Source:  CIEE Bonaire)

Posted by Susan Davis on June 02, 2010 at 10:32am AST
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