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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marine Park Sanctions Studies Now through June on Herbivore Exclusion Experiments

Lobophora variegata (brown algae) is a common benthic marine macro algae that is naturally occurring on reefs around Bonaire. It possesses the ability to rapidly spread and overgrow live corals. This process is increasingly observed on Caribbean coral reefs, including Bonaire’s reefs. The mechanisms that control the spreading of Lobophora are still poorly understood, which makes it difficult to implement management strategies, and so the Marine Park has sanctioned some research into this matter.

In order to obtain better insight into the mechanisms controlling the dynamics of Lobophora on Bonairean reefs, a series of experiments will be done at two dive sites on Bonaire. One theory is that parrotfish play an important role in regulating Lobophora densities because they graze on the algae. To test this hypothesis, Parrotfish Exclusion Devices (PEDs) will be installed at the dive sites Ol’ Blue and Wayaka II at different depths. There are open and closed cage treatments. The experiments will run until the end of June and the cages will remain on the reef until that time. Divers are kindly requested not to remove/relocate the cages. (Source:  Bonaire National Marine Park)

Posted by Susan Davis on March 14, 2012 at 9:32am AST


Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bon Bida Spa and Gym and Bon Fysiotherapie Launch New Complete Web Site

Just over a year ago, the Bonaire Insider announced the merging of two health and wellness entities on Bonaire--Bon Bida Spa and Gym and Bon Fysiotherapie.  The integration of these two companies has brought about the island’s most popular fitness and physical therapy gurus under one roof. 

A new web site has just been launched--in three languages (English, Dutch, and Papiamentu)--and the site is fully inclusive covering all aspects of both the health and fitness arena at Bon Bida Spa & Gym, as well as the physical therapy arena of Bon Fysiotherapie.

Information for Bon Bida Spa & Gym includes details on the equipment used in the gym, classes, spa services provided by Outback Yoga and Flamingo Spa, as well as membership terms and prices.

For those visitors who might be in need of a little tender loving care while on Bonaire, the corps of physical therapists is standing by to assist.  Their personnel, specialties, and other services, such as medical fitness, are all outlined on their web site as well.

To view the web site, click here.  Or, the site can be accessed via www.bonbida.com or www.bonfysio.com(Source:  Bon Bida Spa & Gym/Bon Fysiotherapie)

Posted by Susan Davis on March 08, 2012 at 1:56pm AST
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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bonaire’s LaTina Divers Launches Personal Dive Consultant Program and New Web Site

LaTina Divers Bonaire is proud to announce the launching of their new program consisting of personal dive consultants.  This program, which offers Private Dive Service Providers (PDSPers), gives visiting divers and snorkelers the opportunity to utilize the specialized services of any or all of the dive pros available through the program.

This new program allows for the customization of dive services on Bonaire specifically for those who are not staying at a resort, but instead at a private home, villa, apartment, or other small resort without diving facilities.  The preferred PDSPer can provide as much assistance as desired, or simply provide tanks, rental equipment, or other services delivered right to the vacation residence.  The focus of this new manner of providing quality dive services is specifically geared to families, couples, or small groups.

The core group of Private Dive Service Providers offer a wide range of experience, specialization, and unique experiences, such as fish identification and behavior, photography or videography, buoyancy control, or even extra assistance for those who haven’t been diving in awhile. 

LaTina Divers has just launched a new web site focusing upon their PDSPers, as well as other facets that are necessary for a fun-filled Bonaire vacation.  Visit http://www.latinadivers.com to view the profiles and offerings of each of the dive pros, as well as Stay & Dive Packages, suggestions on accommodations, rental car companies, restaurants, and other activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, free-diving, caving, hiking, or mountain-biking.  Visitors even can be put in touch with the island’s private chef or a wedding planner to make sure that a family event is one to be remembered.

As a full service dive operator, LaTina Divers also offers a full line of equipment sales for both SCUBA or snorkeling, carrying the most popular brands of Tusa, Suunto, Cressi-sub, Bare, and Princeton Tek.  In some cases, purchasing equipment on Bonaire can be the most economical plan, and LaTina Divers always welcomes inquiries into size, models, and availability prior to an arrival on island, to ensure against disappointment.

In additional to its new Personal Dive Consultant service, LaTina Divers offers the usual array of Bonaire diving services, including boat dives, shore diving, and Nitrox.  Regularly scheduled activities are planned, such as lionfish hunts with beach barbecues, Klein Bonaire snorkel races, and other active and fun events.  LaTina Divers invites you to bookmark their web site at http://www.latinadivers.com and check back often for their latest news.

For additional information, contact LaTina Divers at info@latinadivers.com(Source:  LaTina Divers)

Posted by Susan Davis on March 07, 2012 at 11:03am AST
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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dive Friends Bonaire Approaches Landmark Number of Dive Certifications

Dive Friends Bonaire, a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center, is on the verge of issuing their 10,000th PADI certification.  To celebrate this landmark achievement, they will be awarding the lucky student diver with a complete set of Scubapro equipment.  All visitors to Bonaire during the months of March or April have a chance to win, as anyone who completes a recreational PADI dive training course with Dive Friends Bonaire is eligible.  This includes any course ranging from Junior Scuba Diver to Rescue Diver, and all continuing education classes and specialties.

Upon exiting the water after their certifying dive, the 10,000th student diver will be informed of their status and given a plaque from PADI.  Then, they will visit Dive Friends Bonaire’s Dive Retail Outlet to select and try on their new Scubapro gear.

Even though Dive Friends is a busy dive school, the student-to-instructor ratios are kept low to ensure that individual students receive the attention that they need.  The majority of certifications issued by the experienced instructors of Dive Friends are Open Water.  However, last year alone, they certified hundreds of students in various continuing education programs such as Full Face Mask Diver and Shore Diver.

Dive Friends Bonaire is one of Bonaire’s premier diving facilities offering full diving and snorkeling services while still providing personal attention. Three retail stores are available in Kralendijk, in addition to four diving facilities. For additional information about all their services, visit their web site by clicking here(Source:  Dive Friends Bonaire)

Posted by Susan Davis on March 06, 2012 at 12:58pm AST
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

CIEE’s Next Free Lecture is Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

In CIEE’s (Council on International Educational Exchange) continuing public lecture series, all are invited to attend a presentation on Tuesday evening, March 6th, from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

At this time, Lisa Young, from the Florida Institute of Technology, will present her discussion topic:  Jellyfish:  On the Path to Ocean Domination?

The lecture will be held at CIEE Bonaire Research Station at Kaya Gobernador Debrot 26.  Entrance is free, and everyone is invited to attend.  (Source: CIEE)

Posted by Susan Davis on March 03, 2012 at 6:20am AST


Friday, March 02, 2012

Bonaire’s Student Chefs Train in Italy Again!

It was just announced by the SGB’s Culinary School, Chez Nous, that eight lucky students from Bonaire will be traveling to Italy’s Emilia Romagna region in June to study there for three weeks.

These lucky students, Natasha Bernabela, Alminelly Cicilia, Deborah Janga, Mi Hayley Mercera, Shahaira Molina, Angelvis Ramos, Nick Story, and Giovannie Veld, will study and network with other students coming from different cultures, thus exchanging ideas and plans for their culinary futures.  Bonaire is very fortunate to have the funding by the EU from the Vocational Educational AECA support of the Region Emilia Romagna. This program for interns to study in Italy began ten years ago in 2002 with the first group of students traveling from Bonaire, and now, with some 75 students later, the program is still playing a role in shaping the careers of these young, potential chefs who learn the passion of cooking and hospitality, Italian style!  Coaches Liz Rijna and Ezy Semeleer will travel with the students.

To help raise funds for their air fares, the students are preparing a fabulous evening of Italian cooking with a six-course dinner with wines, on March 31st at Chez Nous. For further information or to buy tickets ($75.00 per person) please call Sara Matera at 717-8285 or Liz Rijna at 700-4639. (Source:  Chez Nous Culinary School)

Posted by Susan Davis on March 02, 2012 at 3:09pm AST
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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Kriabon’s Marshe di Kunukeru This Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Kriabon is the agricultural cooperative for Bonaire, and each first Saturday of the month, they organize a Marshe di Kukukeru, or Farmers’ Market, at their headquarters at Kaminda Jatu Baco #55. 

This Saturday, March 3rd, from 8:00 AM through Noon, anyone can visit the booths to inspect the locally produced fruits and vegetables, plants and herbs for sale, sweets, fresh fish, and local food and drinks.  For those who live here, there’s potting soil, locally made charcoal for grills, and other items for sale. 

For more information about their market, contact Kriabon at telephone 717-4587.  (Source:  Kriabon)

Posted by Susan Davis on March 01, 2012 at 10:16am AST


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