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Friday, November 30, 2012

Anneke, the Green Turtle, Continues to Break All Records!

We introduced Bonaire Insider readers to Anneke, the green turtle, awhile back with two stories about her nesting and migration.  But this incredible turtle continues to amaze! 

Anneke has now been migrating to her home foraging grounds for 52 days and covered over 3,660 kilometers (2,275 miles), surpassing all previously tracked Bonaire turtles in total distance traveled.

After breaking sea turtle speed records crossing the Caribbean south to north, Anneke has steadily followed the coastlines of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and now Cuba to arrive at the Canarreos Archipelago.  South of the Batabanó Bay in northwest Cuba, the Canarreos consist of about 350 islets. The largest island in the chain is Isla de Juventud, which is roughly ten times the size of Bonaire.  Anneke is currently in shallow water along the Canarreos Archipelago, Cuba.

In the past two days according to the Argos Satellite feed, Anneke has slowed her movements, remaining close to Cayo Rosario, however she could just be refueling on seagrass and rooted algae.  STCB definitely is not yet prepared to state that Anneke has reached her home foraging grounds. Knowing this turtle, she may still have something remarkable in store for us.  (Source:  STCB)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 30, 2012 at 12:05pm AST


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dive Friends Bonaire Launches New Web Site

Dive Friends Bonaire, one of the island’s popular diving facilities, has just launched a new, updated web site.  Those planning for their next dive vacation to Bonaire can visit the site by clicking here:  www.dive-friends-bonaire.com.

The new web site gives concise information about all the different diving services that Dive Friends can offer, including diving, training, technical diving, eco-activities, and instructor training.  Information about their five dive facility locations around Bonaire, in addition to their three retail facilities, is also provided.

But Dive Friends Bonaire insures that any visitor to Bonaire will have plenty to do.  On the new site, there’s information about kayaking, accommodations from budget to luxury, coral spawning, and cleanups.  The facility assists with both bottle recycling and battery disposal, to keep Bonaire as green as possible.  As Dive Friends says, “Without Blue, There Is No Green.”

Feel free to visit their new web site by clicking here(Source:  Dive Friends Bonaire)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 29, 2012 at 12:51pm AST
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

KLM and Insel Air Execute Code-Share Agreement

KLM and Insel Air have strengthened their mutual cooperation through a recently signed code-share agreement.  This agreement offers passengers of both airlines more convenience and opportunities as connections to Bonaire are made easier. 

Luggage can be checked through directly to Bonaire from Amsterdam or any other KLM originating gateway, and the bags will “interline”, or be transferred automatically, to Insel Air in Curacao.  Additionally, flight schedules will be carefully synchronized so that the travel time is minimized. Passengers may begin booking through the new code-shared system effective December 1st, 2012.

The two airlines have been cooperating since July, 2011 through an interline agreement, but with the code-share agreement in place, the cooperation is now extended and expanded.  There are other benefits that can be added in the coming months under the code-share agreement, and both KLM and Insel Air look forward to announcing new opportunities for easier travel. (Source:  Curacao Chronicle)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 28, 2012 at 1:32pm AST
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Enjoy the Sustainability Fair this Sunday, December 2nd, 2012, Hosted by CIEE

"Sustainability” is the buzz word for most countries these days, but it’s especially important for a small community like Bonaire.  Those on the island, either residing or visiting, simply must adjust their lives so that Bonaire’s natural resources are available for generations to come.

This Sunday, December 2nd, 2012, presents the perfect opportunity to learn how to live a life that assists with sustainability.  The Sustainability Fair, hosted by Bonaire’s CIEE Research Station, will take place from 11:00 AM through 2:00 PM in Wilhelmina Park. This semester’s students will take part in the fair as a group project as part of their Cultural and Environmental History of Bonaire curriculum, by assisting with local projects and organizations to present a day of sustainable island living. Those attending can expect a fun-filled day including activities for all the family. There will be stalls with local food, recyclable craft ideas, games and activities for children, marine educational information, and much more. (Source:  CIEE Bonaire)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 27, 2012 at 11:31am AST


Monday, November 26, 2012

Bonaire’s Art and Craft Market Offers Unique Shopping and Souvenirs

Many visitors to the Caribbean are familiar with the craft markets held on islands around the region.  In most cases, the same items are for sale no matter which island you visit.  But Bonaire has always had a unique character, and its Art and Craft Market certainly shows that!

The market sets up in Wilhelmina Park whenever a cruise ship is in port, as well as on Friday afternoons for a happy hour market.  It offers local and handmade products, food, music, and a fantastic ambiance.  Additionally, most of the stands are staffed with the artisans who created the art or handicraft items, which provides an opportunity to meet and chat with them and learn more about any item they sell.

There are nearly 40 individual tented stands, selling a variety of art, jewelry, images, driftwood art, string art, t-shirts, music CDs or DVDs, as well as natural soaps, body scrubs, and Bonaire Sea Salt.  As one wanders through the stands, Caribbean-style music plays, and local snacks and soft drinks are available.

The market has recently launched a new web site, which offers biographies about the artisans, as well as a schedule of when the market is open.  Click here to peruse it! (Source:  Bonaire Art & Craft Association)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 26, 2012 at 3:50pm AST
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sanikolas Arrives on Bonaire This Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Each year, Sanikolas, also called St. Nicholas (English), or Sinterklaas (Dutch), arrives on Bonaire amid much fanfare.  The old gentleman, along with his Zwartepietnan (Black Piets), will visit with the children (of all ages) on Bonaire over the coming weeks.

This year, those wishing to see this legendary man should be in Wilhelmina Park Saturday morning, where festivities are planned between 9:00 AM and 12:00 Noon.  There are activities and music before his arrival, to keep everyone happy and in a holiday mood.  The Zwartepietnan do acrobatics and engage the audience, and the entire event is quite a show.

After, Sanikolas and his Zwartepietnan will make appearances all over Bonaire up until December 5th.  Legend says on that night, he will go to all homes to check who’s been naughty or nice and will leave gifts behind in your shoe! (Source:  Center for Youth & Family)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 22, 2012 at 3:36pm AST


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Enjoy 2012’s Final Taste of Bonaire on November 30th, 2012

The popular food event, Taste of Bonaire, will be available one more time in 2012, so the final opportunity to take advantage of the event will be on Friday evening, November 30th 2012, in Wilhelmina Park.

Begin your discovery through Bonaire’s culinary adventure at 6:00 PM, but be sure to have sampled everything you wish by 10:00 PM, when the event will close.  There will be local (krioyo) food, as well as international dishes, but there’s also an artist and craft market as well.  The elusive Maskarada group will put in an appearance, and music will be enjoyed from Grupo Wayaka and Grupo Krioyo Kids.  The New Generation Dancers will present their group to add to the evening’s enjoyment.  (Source:  Extra)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 20, 2012 at 2:02pm AST
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Monday, November 19, 2012

CIEE Bonaire’s Fall Semester Students Present Findings of Their Work

The visiting students at the CIEE Research Station Bonaire will present their research findings at two evening presentations this week, on Wednesday and Thursday, November 21st and 22nd, 2012 from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

On Wednesday, those attending will learn about:

Vibrio communities associated with the azooxanthellate coral Tubastrea coccinea as compared to zooxanthellate shallow sea corals, by Alexandra Lukasiewicz, (Pennsylvania State University)

Physical and spatial differences between the three color morphologies of the Atlantic Trumpetfish (Aulostomus maculatus), Alexis Ferrera,(University of Oregon)

Status of reef health at Yellow Sub study site on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean: progression of a coral - algal phase shift, Ariana Meltvedt (Snow), (Oregon State University)

Cleaner-client interactions and depth distributions among three cleaner species: B. rufus, E. evelynae, and A. pedersoni, Christine Rholl, (Bowdoin College)

Parrotfish abundance and corallivory at the Yellow Sub dive site in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Daniel Cleavenger, (Oregon State University)

Reef fish assemblage and invertebrate cover in relationship to the degree of artificial reef isolation, Erin Jaco, (Oregon State University)

Activity budget of the Princess parrotfish (Scarus taeniopterus): a comparison between daylight and sunset periods, Sarah Heidmann, (Oregon State University)

Then, on Thursday evening, the following topics will be covered:

Population demographic of French Angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) in comparison to seafloor rugosity, Ashtyn Lynne Isaak, (Oregon State University)

Redlip Blenny (Ophioblennius macclurei) territoriality and feeding behavior, Brett Young, (University of Minnesota)

Coastal water quality in Kralendijk, Bonaire, Elizabeth Davis, (Indiana University)

Predation and habitat depth affects reef fish recruitment, Emily Anderson, (Oregon State University)

The relationship between algae, depth, and abundance of terminal and initial phase of Stoplight parrotfish (Sparisoma viride) and Princess parrotfish (Scarus taeniopterus), Emily Duwan, (Villanova University)

Large scale, medium scale, and small scale patterns of benthic cyanobacteria and the possibility of groundwater association on a coral reef, Kristin Beem, (Oregon State University)

Black spot disease of ocean surgeonfish (Acanthurus bahianus) population in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, Megan Hoag (Marietta College)

The public presentations at CIEE continue to be free for anyone interested in attending.  These lectures will take place at their headquarters at
at Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot 26, in Kralendijk. (Source:  CIEE Bonaire)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 19, 2012 at 4:41pm AST


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

InfoBonaire.com Offers Sustainable Seafood Guide for Those Dining on Bonaire

Nearly every lover of the world’s oceans has heard about the world’s depleting fish stocks, as well as inherent problems with some fish farming practices.  It’s difficult to know just what to eat, but now, InfoBonaire.com provides some insight into what can be safely ordered when dining on Bonaire.

View InfoBonaire.com’s new Sustainable Seafood Guide by clicking here.  The guide provides a handy summary of the problems faced by the growing demand for seafood, in both wild-caught populations or farmed or ranched fish.  There is a quick reference guide available to know which fish to absolutely stay away from, or those which can be ordered or purchased for home-cooking while on Bonaire.

As divers, snorkelers, windsurfers, and others who enjoy Bonaire’s marine environment, we all owe it to the fish populations on Bonaire, as well as the world over, to order and consume seafood in a responsible manner.  (Source:  InfoBonaire.com)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 14, 2012 at 4:37pm AST
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Free App for Fish ID Guide and Database Available Now for iPhone or iPad

For those readers with either an iPhone or iPad, there’s a new free app providing a comprehensive fish ID guide/database with 1599 species of Caribbean fishes and over 5500 identification images, compliments of the Smithsonian Institute, and developed by Ross Robertson and James van Tassell.

The app for Fishes:  Greater Caribbean can be downloaded via iTunes by clicking here.  This is a fantastic tool that includes many more Caribbean fishes than most other current publications, while providing ID photos of almost every species.  There’s also a “notes” option to annotate or keep track of your own observations.  Once downloaded, it works independently of Internet access, so no matter how remote the dive site is, you can still check on the fish you’ve seen right after the dive.  (Source:  Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 13, 2012 at 1:57pm AST
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