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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bonaire’s Mangrove Info Center Rated in Top Ten Best Caribbean Adventures

The Mangrove Info Center offers a variety of mangrove tours via kayak or solar boat, and it has just been included in the Caribbean Journal’s Top Ten Best Caribbean Adventures.

The Mangrove Information Center Bonaire provides excursions into Bonaire’s protected mangrove forests.  Visitors to the center learn about the mangroves, one of the most unknown and most endangered environments on our planet.  The mangrove forest of Lac Bay in Bonaire is one of the best-preserved in the Caribbean. Those taking the two-hour excursion can snorkel through a passageway to an open-area “lake”, after having negotiated their way through the branches of the mangroves.  No fins are allowed in this area to keep the fragile environment protected, but those who snorkel can spot many marine animals including baby rays or upside-down jellies.

View the Caribbean Journal’s review on the Mangrove Info Center’s excursion by clicking here.  Visit the Mangrove Info Center’s web site by clicking here(Source:  Caribbean Journal)

Posted by Susan Davis on June 27, 2013 at 10:51am AST
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