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Support Bonaire, Inc. Grants Over US$48,000 to Bonaire Charities in 2007

Support Bonaire, Inc., a U.S. non-profit organization created to help support Bonaire’s non-profit social and environmental efforts announced that its 2007 grants to various Bonaire non-profit organizations was US$48,913.90. Funding for Support Bonaire’s grants comes solely from individual donors who select from one of a series of special projects Support Bonaire has created to focus on particular needs on Bonaire. 

In some cases, donors may also request that Support Bonaire apply some part of their donation to their favorite charitable effort on Bonaire, a request that the Board of Directors of Support Bonaire typically honors.

During 2007, the top recipient of grants from Support Bonaire was the Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary, thanks to several sizable donations by American donors to the Support Bonaire Donkey Sanctuary Project. Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, Unicollege, and the Lac Bay Monitoring project run by the non-profit Progressive Environmental Solutions organization were the next largest recipients of grants from Support Bonaire.

Other educational and nature organizations also benefited from the largess of donors to Support Bonaire. These organizations included STINAPA, the Bonaire Marine Park, the Bonaire Animal Shelter, the Accolade Foundation, Fundashon pa Bon Koraal, and the Zuster Maria Hoppner Foundation which cares for abused children and children from troubled homes.

While the amount of money distributed may seem like a lot of money, it is minor compared to the funding needs of many of Bonaire’s non-profit organizations, and donors of past years are encouraged to donate again this year and support their favorite charitable project on Bonaire.

The Board of Directors of Support Bonaire, Inc. has also announced that the Sea Monitor project has been added to the list of pre-approved funding projects. The Support Bonaire Sea Monitor project has been active on Bonaire since September 2007, and involves the installation and monitoring of sensors which monitor water quality and other aspects of water as a way of determining what impact run off and sewage is having on Bonaire’s waters. More information about this project is available at the Support Bonaire web site at http://www.SupportBonaire.org.

A majority of the donations to Support Bonaire to support these varied causes mentioned above were donated on-line, via the Internet, at the Support Bonaire web site – www.SupportBonaire.org – where donations by credit card are accepted. 100% of all donations go directly to the target charities on Bonaire, as a small endowment received by Support Bonaire, Inc. some years ago is used to cover all administrative expenses. The Board of Directors of Support Bonaire, Inc. is composed entirely of volunteers, including island residents Jake Richter, Andy Uhr, and Linda Richter, as well as long-time Bonaire home owner and U.S. resident Ann Dederer, without whom Support Bonaire could not continue to operate. The web site space and operation is donated by Stroke of Color, Inc., a U.S. company. All of these contributions of time and resources keep operational costs to a minimum and allow for donated funds to be used 100% for projects on Bonaire.

It should be stressed that Support Bonaire, Inc. itself does not have funds to use to fund grants on Bonaire, but instead relies on American individual and corporate donors to provide funding for specific non-profit projects on Bonaire. Support Bonaire’s special non-profit charity status in the United States permits the organization to accept donations and fund non-profit efforts on Bonaire while allowing American donors to get a deduction on their taxes in the United States.

Support Bonaire, Inc. is an organization dedicated to helping fund non-profit environmental and social projects on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire, by being a U.S. Internal Revenue Service-approved non-profit organization, which in turn allows donors to take a tax deduction on funds they donate to Support Bonaire, Inc. Support Bonaire, Inc.’s virtual offices can be found at http://www.SupportBonaire.org, and an on-line discussion group for the organization is located by clicking here. The organization’s mailing address for monetary donations and other paper correspondence is PMB #340, 2525 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite E4, Boulder, Colorado 80302, U.S.A. Voice mail can be left at +1-303-484-4646, and FAXes can be sent to the same number. Contact via e-mail is preferred, at info@SupportBonaire.org(Source:  Support Bonaire, Inc.)

Posted by Susan Davis on February 12, 2008 at 10:42am AST

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