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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Wind Dieties Are Smiling Upon Bonaire for the 9th ProKids Freestyle and Slalom

Starting tomorrow, Friday, May 30th, all flip-flops will be on the beach at Sorobon, Lac Bay, to watch, participate in, or enjoy the Ninth Annual Prokids Freestyle and Slalom Competition taking place through Sunday.  As usual with Bonaire events, it’s not quite enough to enjoy just the windsurfing, so the island will be playing it up big-time with a Taste of Bonaire event and a three-hour aerobics marathon as well.  And it appears the Wind Dieties will be at Sorobon as well, as sailing conditions are predicted to be top-notch with hearty winds.

On Friday, the event will open with a night sailing event and music by Foyan Boyz.  But don’t forget the Taste of Bonaire that will be hosted in Wilhelmina Park as well, starting at 6:00 PM and running through 10:00 PM.  There will be great food, local music, and handicrafts over which to oh-and-ah.  All “Tastes” from many of Bonaire’s eateries cost only $3.00.  There are performances by Grupo ESO and the dance group, Kayena, as well.

On Saturday morning, burn off the calories from the Taste at the three-hour Aerobics Beach Marathon back at Sorobon.  Three different instructors will keep you active with Pilates, Tae-Bo, and Zumba.  Cost is $10.00 per person, and includes a t-shirt and refreshments.  The marathon kicks off at 8:00 AM at the ProKids stage.

Saturday afternoon brings the first sailing competitions with Slalom, Freestyle, and Paddleboard all available.  To end the second day of the festivities, enjoy a beach BBQ, with dominoes, bolas, and beach volleyball.

Sunday it will be back at the beach early when the competition gets fierce with more Slalom racing, more Freestyle, and finally the awards ceremony.  Of course, for those on the beach, there’s plenty with which to keep occupied with beach soccer, a mode show with rappers, and more dominoes, bolas, and beach volleyball.

Then dance the night away on the beach to the strains of music with DJ Omega 13 and others.  There is something for everyone this weekend!  (Source:  ProKids Freestyle, TCB)

Posted by Susan Davis on May 30, 2013 at 3:31pm AST
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